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A$AP Rocky sat down with BILLBOARD magazine to talk about the death of his mentor A$AP Yams and to reveal his coping mechanism…LSD. What in the world….

Read the shocking admission inside and get the deets on Tyga reportedly bouncing a check to his landlord.

As he preps his second album A.L.L.A. for a May 12th release and his new movie DOPE out June 19th, controversial rapper ASAP Rocky sat with BILLBOARD for a shockingly candid interview about drug use, death and the Baltimore uprising.

A$AP told that magazine that the death of his mentor A$AP Yams hit him pretty hard, and he’s been using LSD to cope with life all together.

He also opens up about Freddie Gray and the Baltimore uprising, revealing that he’s indifferent to social issues and does not plan to get involved.

SMH……and the children are our future. Peep the highlights:

On the loss of A$AP Yams:
“But he showed me that there are people who can be born from another woman and another man but be as loyal to you as a blood brother, if not more. He had my back, man. Me and him had the same vision, and he knew how to help me reach it.”

On the recent police killings in Ferguson, NYC, etc:
“All it does is make me cringe. There’s not really much I could do, because I ain’t about to shoot no cop in the head, blow his f—ing head off, right now. So I just sit back and pray for the best. If I’m not going to Ferguson or any of these places, protesting or contributing, I should shut the f— up. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. It ain’t my place to speak on it.”

On the roll LSD plays in his recording process:
“It helps me cope with life,” he says. “I’ve been doing this stuff since I got into the industry. People are scared to talk about it.” He says he likes psychedelics because his life is psychedelic. “It’s trippy. My art, my visuals. Very trippy.”

Read the full cover story here and don’t forget that A$AP Rocky stars in the new indie-comedy Dope with Tony Revolori (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”), Kiersey Clemons (Amazon’s “Transparent”), Blake Anderson (“Workaholics”), Zoe Kravitz and Chanel Iman. DOPE opens on June 19th.

Hopefully, someone steps in and school ASAP about his drug use. Because we dont see it ending well….

In other music news…

Rapper Tyga is clearly a “boss” on Instagram, often posting money stacks, fancy cars and gold chains – but his landlord claims he’s a bum! Remember that time Tyga got “served” during one of his LA GEAR appearances? Well….now we know what that was about.

One of Tyga’s former landlords claims he received a judgement for nearly $90K after the “Rack City” rapper bailed on paying rent for the mansion he rented in 2010. (Yes, that huge Calabasas mansion of his is a rental.)

Tyga got served because the landlord finally wants his money. And he wants to drag the rapper into court and discuss his assets.

Here’s where the ish goes left. Tyga blew off the court hearing, which really upset the landlord and his legal team. In order to make up for the no-show, Tyga’s lawyer offered to pay the landlord’s legal bill for the hearing, which came to $1,090. Unfortunately, Tyga wrote a check and it bounced! Bloop. We guess his checking account is set up funny…

The landlord told TMZ that the full judgment, plus interest, has now swelled to $124k and he will not hesitate to get an arrest warrant because Tyga was a no-show. SMH….let’s hope Tyga doesn’t end up spending the summer of 2015 behind bars.

Photos via BILLBOARD/Tyga’s Instagram/Wesley Mann

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