A mother in South Carolina was charged earlier this week after police say she reportedly beat her 6-year-old son for making a Mother’s Day card for his grandmother, but not her.

According to Fox 6 News, Shontrell Murphy, 30, is facing child cruelty charges after the Spartanburg Police Department received a call about a disturbance on Thursday.

Authorities say when they arrived at the scene they found the grandmother standing there with her two grandchildren, one of which was crying. The grandmother reportedly told police that her daughter, the boy’s mother, had slapped him multiple times on his head.

During the investigation, Murphy’s daughter revealed that her mother became upset when she saw that her son made a Mother’s Day card for his grandmother and not her.

When Murphy realized the card wasn’t for her she ripped up the card and hit the boy repeatedly.

Officers say they seen the ripped up card at the scene, and Murphy admitted to hitting her child, but she “does not believe it was in a hard or violent manner.” The children reportedly revealed that their mother hits them all of the time and that they are afraid of her.

Murphy was arrested and charged with child cruelty, the boy was taken to the hospital to be evaluated and later released.


Source: http://www.wbrc.com/story/35416912/report-woman-ripped-up-mothers-day-card-beat-6-year-old-son?utm_content=buffer9fac8&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

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