Look for baseball star Alex Rodriguez to star in the new advertising campaign for Vita Coco this summer as the face of the health beverage. “The appeal of the Vita Coco brand continues to astound us,” says Michael Kirban, co-founder and CEO of Vita Coco, “and we’re thrilled to have one of baseball’s greatest onboard. A-Rod has a unique connection to his fans and this campaign is only going to strengthen consumers’ connection with the Vita Coco brand.”

Vita Coco, which is never from concentrate and contains the five essential electrolytes, 15 times the potassium of a traditional sports drink and 100 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin C, is designed to deliver super-hydrating functionality.

“My trainer suggested I try Vita Coco because of all the electrolytes and potassium, and now I drink it every day,” says Rodriguez. “The stuff really works.”
“Research has found that natural coconut water hydrates as effectively as the leading sports drink, with significantly lower sodium (30 mg/8.5 ounces vs. 110 mg/8 ounces), fewer calories, less sugar, and much more potassium,” says Dr. Douglas Kalman, Sports Nutritionist, Florida International University and a director in the Nutrition and Endocrinology Division at Miami Research Associates. “In a sodium rich culture, Vita Coco is the healthier, all-natural choice to hydrate the sporting body.”

I love me some Coconut water, especially in all this heat.

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