From The Editor:

The health of the suburbs is interwoven with Chicago. We are enhanced by the city’s great attributes and diminished by its tragic problems. Gun violence in the city matters because of its ripple effects but also because of the human bond we have with our neighbors.

With that in mind, we reach Beyond the Silos of our newsroom to present this abridged installment from WBEZ Chicago’s Every Other Hour series. This powerful ongoing project explores who picks up a gun and why. For full written and audio versions of the stories in the series, check or go to the WBEZ app. You can also tune in at 91.5 FM.
— John Lampinen, editor

The rate of shootings in Chicago is hard to get your brain around. But think of it this way: For more than a year now, there’s been a person shot about every other hour.

That relentless violence has ended hundreds of lives and damaged thousands more. It’s changing the life of the city.

WBEZ 91.5-FM is telling the stories of those affected — from the young shooters and victims, to law enforcement, to moms taking to the streets to find solutions.

That includes seeking out experts and investigating institutional issues to understand better the causes of gun violence and its effects.

You can find the entire Every Other Hour project at or on the WBEZ app.