Another airline has caught attention after a New Jersey family was removed from a flight over a birthday cake.

According to ABC 7 News, the family was on their Jet Blue flight at John F. Kennedy airport in New York headed to Las Vegas, but they claim they were kicked off because of the birthday cake they had brought on the plane.

Minta Burke said, “We were just so happy. Couldn’t wait to get to Las Vegas, and all of a sudden this occurred, and my two children are screaming, crying. They’re confused not knowing what’s going on – they were traumatized.”

Burke said the trip, which was supposed to take place last week, was a surprise from her husband Cameron.

In the video posted to social media, Burke’s children can be seen confused and scared as the whole incident unfolded in front of their eyes.

Cameron said a flight attendant asked him to remove the cake from the overhead bin, so he placed it under the seat. He says the situation escalated when a second flight attendant approached the first attendant about the situation.

“You know, you could see the gestures – then she was pointing to her, did you tell him he couldn’t put anything in the overhead compartment? I had approached them, and I said everything was fine, and she said, ‘sir, this does not involve you. When she told me I had been non-compliant, then I said ‘ma’am, had you been drinking?’ because her behavior was not normal,” said Cameron.

Police were brought on board and later an announcement was made that everyone had to get off.

Jet Blue said in a statement, “(The customer) refused multiple requests from the crew to remove the items… became agitated, cursed and yelled at the crew, and made false accusations about a crewmember’s fitness to fly.”

Cameron said he did not yell or raise his voice and at no point was his family informed that they were being removed from the flight. They were immediately refunded once they arrived back to the terminal.


Check out the video below:



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