#Roommates, if you’re wondering if this is for real, it is. #KyleGreene is a farmer running for a state House seat in #Minnesota and his campaign ad is raising eyebrows.

Toward the end of his campaign video, Greene says, “I want to be your state representative, I want to be your public servant, and I want to be your n***er.”

Greene, who is running as an independent, told the #MinneapolisStarTribune that he used the n-word because he wants citizens in the state to focus on “the real issues at hand,” according to @TheHill.

He says the slur is part of American history and his history because he is African-American, white and Cherokee Indian. He wants to run for office to put a stop to judicial corruption.

#Roommates, what do you think of Kyle Greene’s campaign ad? Let us know!

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