Everyone appreciates a good scam story but in this case it’s unfortunate that the victims were trying to do good for someone else. A Kentucky woman is accused of faking cancer for donations from her co-workers.

Police arrested 25-year-old #JessicaMarieKrecskay on felony theft charges earlier this week after Kenton Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders said Krecskay’s co-workers and employers gave her more than $10,000 to help with her diagnosis between 2013 and 2017, @enquirer reported.

She apparently never updated the donors on her treatment or how the donations helped, Sanders said. Their suspicions led to her arrest.

“Publicity from another fake cancer case prompted those same people to report their suspicions about this defendant to police,” Sanders said.

A grand jury indicted Krecskay Feb. 7 on a charge of theft by deception. That’s a felony charge that can carry up to 10 years in prison.

Most of the money she scammed was donated at private benefits and donations from Krecskay’s co-workers and employers, Sanders said.

Krecskay is currently out of jail on a $2,500 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned on March 4 in Kenton Circuit Court.

News reports in 2017 of a 20-year-old former NKU student accused of faking cancer for money prompted people to eventually call police on Krecskay’s scamming ways, Sanders said. That led to a lengthy investigation resulting in her arrest.

“Anytime someone uses a false claim of such a dreaded disease for fraudulent purposes, it evokes understandably angry and emotional responses from the many people who actually battle cancer or love someone battling cancer,” Sanders said. “It also undermines legitimate charitable causes if would-be donors have to worry about being scammed.”

It’s unfortunate that someone could take advantage of the kind-hearted but this shouldn’t deter people from giving to those in need. It does serve as a warning to be more mindful of where that money goes.

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