It looks like things may still be a little rough between Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson. Reportedly a judge ruled that their daughter, Shayla, could enroll in soccer after the two disagreed on whether she could do so.

According to TMZ, Tyrese and Norma were reportedly in a fight over the matter because Tyrese refused to let their daughter enroll so she could focus on her academics. However, Norma reportedly claimed their daughter is “emotionally devastated” she’s not allowed to play, and that her grades are good enough.

Norma also reportedly added that their daughter “cries, feels humiliated and does not want to go to school.”

In the end, the judge ruled that Norma could enroll Shayla in the soccer program. However, when she’s in Tyrese’s custody, the judge says he does not have to let her play. They reportedly have to update the judge on this matter next month.

This is reportedly not Tyrese and Norma’s first argument of it’s kind. There were reportedly disagreements on whether their daughter could play basketball, participate in a school play and if their daughter could attend a field trip.


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