First things first, congratulations to the high school senior, Priscilla Samey, on being accepted into 7 out of 8 Ivy League colleges. Yasss!

She couldn’t find a date to the prom, but that didn’t stop Priscilla from joining prom festivities and making the best of her experience.

She tweeted:

Yes girl, now twirl!!

Her tweet has since gone viral as she received loads of support and praise from social media for her decision to take her Harvard acceptance letter as her date.

I mean, who needs humans anymore?

Her date apparently didn’t make it into the actual dance however. “He stayed in the car most of the time,” she said to Buzzfeed. “He’s shy and I didn’t want it to get trampled.”

We’re here for all of this! Congratulations again to Priscilla!
TSR Staff: Thembi (@ThembiTV_)

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