Every year we expect a few out-of-the-box trends, however 2017 has exceeded all of our expectations. 

We’ve seen the rise of bizarre jeans, teeny tiny crop tops, cycling shorts and not forgetting Balenciaga’s designer Crocs. 

Meanwhile, retro accessories such as bum bags and corsets have managed to stand the test of time, continuing their popularity from 2016.

How have all of these questionable items become trends, you ask? Through multiple sources, but mostly thanks to the catwalk, Instagram and a rather large helping hand from the Kardashians. 

So, if you’re planning a wardrobe clear out as 2017 comes to a close  – here are the trends we hope to leave behind in 2018.

Bardot Tops 

Bardot tops, otherwise known as off-the-shoulder have most definitely been exhausted in 2017.

Yes, we all thought they were stylish (and surprisingly flattering) in the summer. However, come autumn we’d sadly been over exposed to the style and longed for something with shoulders.

Bizarre Jeans

From Vetements bum-baring jeans to Topshop’s transparent plastic trousers – jeans got weird this year.

Therefore, we are looking forward to the day when a pair of skinny jeans are everyone’s go-to again. 


Whether it’s a corset belt or top, neither should be in your wardrobe in 2018.

The trend championed by the Kardashians and consequently the entire fashion set was fun and fresh for a little while, but if we’re being completely honest they’re just uncomfortable and oh-so awkward to style.

Teeny Tiny Crop Tops

A crop top just wasn’t enough in 2017 – at least four inches of fabric had to be cut off the already short garment in order to create a teeny tiny strip of fabric, which showed off ample ‘underboob’. 

Although the look was empowering for many during the warmer months, the itty bitty top has now been rightfully retired to the back of our wardrobes. 

Bum Bags

Championed by Instagram, street style and given a huge seal of approval by Gucci, the retro bum bag made an almighty comeback this year. 

Although we enjoyed the hands-free accessory, just like the bardot top the unisex item was over-worn very quickly.

The Graphic Tees With No Real Meaning

Statement tees once again ruled the catwalks – with House of Holland, Prabal Gurung and Dior being just a few of the designers to showcase the trend. 

While we are still on-board with Dior’s empowering feminist tees, in 2018 we are implementing a new rule: if you don’t understand the slogan, don’t buy the tee.

Cycling shorts

Another Kardashian phenomenon which cottoned on this year – much to our surprise – was cycling shorts.

Kendall Jenner proved you could wear denim capris by day, meanwhile Kim Kardashian showcased a number of ways to wear them by night.

Be warned, they’re hard to pull off.


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