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Why does it always seem like 50 Cent and Chris Brown stay in some ish? Come inside to get the deets about Fif’s latest arrest and another former employee blasting Breezy for threatening her inside….

One must remember to follow the laws of the land while traveling.

Cops busted 50 Cent as soon as he got off stage after a performance in the Carribean. The reason? Too many “muthaf****s” on stage!

On Saturday, Fif was thrown behind bars after using profanity on stage during a festival performance in St. Kitts. According to reports, the “Power” star/producer was warned before going on stage to NOT say any curse words while performing before the 40,000 people gathered at the festival. But he let the word “motherf***** slip, and they don’t play that on the island.

The 40-year rapper was charged with making use of indecent language as it is against the law to use profane language in public places on the island. However, his rep Amanda Ruisi said it wasn’t totally his fault.

Apparently, he was due to just host the event, but he was asked to perform at the last minute. He decided to go ahead and perform, despite not having his own DJ with him. The DJ there didn’t have a clean version of his tracks, so profanities blared through the speakers during his performance. His rep told the IB Times UK, “The show was a great success, and he will make sure for future trips to St. Kitts that he leaves the ‘motherf*****s’ in the United States.”

He appeared before court and was released on an $1,800 fine, but Fif found the situation amusing. He hopped on Instagram, posting a picture of his “Power” character Kanan in prison gear:

50 then posted another picture of his EFFEN Vodka bottle on a table aboard a yacht with the caption, “Now this is more like it, I’m chilling, I’m chilling chilling. #EFFENVODKA”

Oh Fif…

In other legal woes….

Chris Brown can’t seem to catch a break. Or, if these allegations are true, he can’t seem to keep his a** out of trouble.

After his (former) manager Chris G filed a lawsuit against Breezy for allegedly beating him to a pulp, the “Loyal” singer’s tour manager is hurling accusations at the Grammy Award winner.

TMZ reports Nancy Ghosh, a female tour manager who has worked with the likes of Kanye West and Jennifer Lopez, is accusing Chris of allegedly threatening her during a “drug-fueld tirade.”

Breezy’s former tour manager says she and Breezy got into a argument over her employment terms on May 23rd during his “One Hell of a Nite” European tour. Nancy claims the argument went all the way left and she QUIT on the spot, hopping off the tour bus because she feared for her life.

The report claims Nancy sent an email to the singer’s team saying she felt unsafe around Breezy because he has been “irrational and high on drugs.” She also claims he threatened to do to her what he did to Mike G.

Not only that there’s a third person, a production manager, who also made claims (through his lawyer) that Chris has been verbally abusive and threatening as well.

Damn homie. Sounds like Breezy might have another lawsuit (or two) on his hands soon.


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