Ok, #Roommates, y’all know when the music gawds come they come HARD! Friday Sza dropped off her anticipated ‘Ctrl’ album and we are absolutely here for it. If you haven’t given the 14-track project a listen and you’re a twenty-something just trying to figure this ish out, do yourself a favor and let Miss Sza speak to you!
‘Ctrl’ is actuals! Imagine “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” tailored for our generation. Sza takes listeners on a journey like no other with the entire album, from “20 Something” to “Supermodels.” But here are 5 take-aways ifyou’re  twenty-something trying to figure out this thing called life.
1. Your 20s are a blur of “WTF is going on” with a side of, “I’m grown as hell, I got this!” and an occasional, additional side of “getting played by someone’s dusty a** son? I think TF not,” topped with “Let’s take this day by day and hope for the best.” 
2. Insecurities are real—and that’s ok—to an extent. I don’t know about y’all but I wear my crown every day, but it may get a little heavy, even crooked now and again. Perfect self-esteem is non-exsistent and we all need a #CrownCheck from time to time. Sometimes we don’t feel pretty enough, thick enough, skinny enough, or whatever the case may be. We will also sometimes feel like we NEED that other person just to have joy or happiness. Be aware of your insecurities and then get out of that thought process. You are ENOUGH!
3. Number three is for the other woman with pride in her position. Let’s not act like side chicks are being secretive about their position in 2017. But for you, my friends, you may find there’s a bigger lesson in Sza’s song, “The Weekend.” In your 20s you will find yourself in a situation where you have to take what you can get (a temporary job, not the promotion you wanted—but something close enough, etc.), you have to strap up your boots and make it look sexy! Listen to the song, you’ll feel it!
4. You will love people and give them more than they may deserve but you can’t let that define you, or how you feel about yourself! Your 20s is about figuring yourself out, and making necessary changes. You can’t get the snakes out of the grass unless you see the snakes so be thankful for your ability to see the craziness and then make your next order of business a lawnmower! It will hurt. You will be OK, but its necessary.
5. 20s confusion, chaos, stress, and doubt WILL happen, but take control! Don’t let your 20s keep you down! Find a good album to get your through, cry a little, rebel, adjust your crown and keep it moving!
What did you take away from the album, Roommates?!

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