1.Don’t always go with black

There is no denying that black does wonders for trimming your figure and helps you look slimmer that you are. In addition, the color is actually appropriate for every occasion. But, as women get older, their skin starts getting paler and this is when wearing black may not turn out to be a great idea. It will create a harsh contrast, which emphasizes your wrinkles brings attention to the dark shadows under the eyes and chin. If you want to wear black, you should add a bright accessory such as a statement necklace or scarf as this pop of color can lessen the effect. Go with earthy neutrals for your dresses like camel, olive, cocoa and gray. Jewel tones can also be flattering on most women.

2.Avoid hiding out

If you are using a shapeless blazer for concealing your stomach, arms or hips, you will only end up making yourself look heavier. Instead of going with this, you should go with a well-cut jacket that is shorter in length and nips in at the waist so it showcases the most flattering aspects of your figure. Your torso will seem like a smooth line.

3.No need to increase the skirt length

Just because you are aging is no reason why you should increase your hemline as well. You may be able to hide slightly saggy knees with a skirt that grazes your ankle, but it will also make you seem frumpier and wider. Rather than doing so, you should find the most flattering skirt length according to your body type and shape. Assess the slimmest part of around the knee, whether it is above or below, and that’s where the hemline should be.

4.Don’t wear jersey fabric

Jersey fabric is not known to give your body a good shape. There is no denying that it is a comfortable material, but it is also very clingy and this can negate its usefulness. If you do want to wear jersey fabric, it is best for you to go for a ruched or draped option that strategically hides your bulges and grazes your curves.

5.No reserving shapewear for special occasions

Slimming garments can actually turn out to be a very useful tool for cutting years off your age by smoothing out any bumps and lumps in your body. These days, you can find lots of flirty and feminine pieces of shapewear. But, you should bear in mind that while the shapewear needs to be snug, it shouldn’t be too tight to lead to health problems. Sizing down just makes you miserable instead of thinner so this is something to avoid. Also, there is no need to reserve your shapewear for a party or a wedding. Wear it on a regular basis so it enhances your appearance and helps you look young.

Avoid these fashion blunders and look young and pretty as you follow the fashion trends.

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