By Natasha

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Mariah is somebody’s hero. We’ve got her Queen of the Game of War trailer while Pepa explains her huge fall off the stage….

Mariah Carey is replacing Kate Upton as the Queen figure in the Game of War: Fire Age game app. The company decided to do a little cheesy-meets-testosterone vibe and set the trailer to the music of MiMi’s “Hero.”

The first look at how it all turned out is below. And we’re just glad MiMi isn’t the damsel in distress. She’s saving lives, y’all! Get the cheesiness below:

In other I’m-determined-to-stay-relevant news:

This week, a video came out showing Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa face planting off the stage while in the middle of a performance in Brooklyn. She was trying to hop from stage portion to stage portion and she didn’t….quite…make it.

The fall looked NASTY, but Pepa says it’s all good and she’s just fine over on her Twitter. Plus, she called in to the Wendy Show today to compare stage falling stories. Ha!

Check it below:

Photos: Twitter/Game of War

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