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Part 2 of the “Love & Hip Hop” reunion was one of the craziest reunions from the franchise. Ever. There were several violent fights, a marriage proposal and secrets were revealed. We (semi) watched so you didn’t have to.  Get it all inside….

Part 2 of the “Love & Hip Hop” reunion aired on VH1 last night and it was straight ratchet television at its finest.  And we know sophistiratchet folks love a highlight reel.

4.  The Yandy Smith vs. Mendeecees Baby Mamas drama continued as Yandy, Samantha and Erica revealed why they can’t get along for the sake of their children.

Things got heated between Samantha and Mendeecees’ sister Nefertari (aka Neff) when they started hurling disrespectful comments back and forth. Samantha jumped up like she was ready to fight then security jumped in between them. Yandy jumped up in the mix, trying to get to Samantha. Then, all of a sudden people from the audience run up on stage and attack Samantha!

Producers ended up shutting down filming of the reunion as they separated everyone to calm them down.

After all the chaos died down, producers only brought out Yandy, Erica and Samantha so that they could finish hashing out their issues.

Samantha accused Yandy of bringing people to the show to attack her. Of course, Yandy denied those claims, but production ran back the tape and we hear Yandy name of the individuals who ambushed the stage. Production then put up an explanation to reveal that Yandy was lying about not knowing who ran up on stage. She DID know who the people were. Damn Yandy.

Peep the clip below:


That wasn’t the only fight that went down.


3.  Cardi B and her sister Hennessy (yes, that’s her government name for the late folks) got into it with Major Galore and it turned physical. Very physical. that the clip below: 




3. By the way, Cardi had this to say on Twitter yesterday:



2.  So what’s the latest between Tara, Peter and Amina? The same. Peter is still going back and forth between Tara and Amina and they’re still falling for it.

Peep the clip below:


1.  There was at least one special moment during the reunion.

DJ Drewski popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Sky. If you watched this season, they ran into some issues after Drewski got closer than close to Bianca. But, it seems they’ve put that all behind them and are now engaged. Peep the proposal below:




The foolery of it all…


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