The weekend you’ve been training for all summer long is near, but if you need some inspiration to get you through the last leg of your training, we’ve got you covered. 

As you finish preparing and gathering your thoughts, make sure you wake up on race day with a motto.

Here are 26 mantras to help you conquer each mile at the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

1. You’ve got what it takes.

2. Embrace the moment.

3. This is what you trained for.

4. One mile at a time.

5. Start easy and build up speed.

6. You are unstoppable.

7. Stay loose.

8. Trust your training.

9. Listen to the crowd. 

10. Hydrate. Run. Repeat.

11. Focus.

12. Breathe.

13. Move those arms.

14. Posture.

15. Name that mile.

16. Listen to your body.

17. Believe in yourself, your body will listen.

18. As the race gets longer, the body gets stronger.

19. Finish what you’ve started.

20. Run your own race.

21. Calm and steady.

22. Smile and remain confident.

23. Relentless.

24. Relax, you’ve done the hard work this is the celebration.

25. The finish line gets closer after every mile.

26. I can and I will.

Published 3 hours ago


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