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Celeb dads and their fams have us in our feelings today. Get the 25 sweetest Father’s Day moments from today inside….

There’s nothing like a super masculine man who’s totally in touch with his vulnerable side. Especially when a man is head over heels about his kid(s), and when kids feel the same way in return. Here’s 25 super sweet moments from a few celeb dads on Father’s Day.

Whether it’s spending adorable quality time with their kiddies today (peep Usher and his boys above!) or touching words from the mother of their kids, here’s who served up the sweetness today:

Happy fathers Day to my father I love you so much and I want to thank my gorgeous grandmother for bringing you to this world super blessed and thankful for my family

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Best Fathers Day Gift ever

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Jayceon, From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to you for being such a wonderful dad to our kids. There has not been one time that you have not been there to love, support, encourage, and cheer them on. You’ve never disappointed them or let them down, and that means the world to me. The confidence that you see in them is due largely to the fact that they know that their dad will ALWAYS be there. You know, there are many women out here with kids, I thank you for loving and cherishing mine the way that you do. Thank you for providing for them, taking care of them, and most importantly letting the goodness of your heart show through them. They are truly the best part of you. Happy Father’s Day Jayceon “I love the father you are” Love Always +1 extra day, Tiffney

A photo posted by Tiffney Cambridge (@lovetiffney) on Jun 19, 2016 at 6:21am PDT

Happy Father’s Day!! To all the Father’s out there! It’s our day! Enjoy your day with the family. Then you know we have to catch game 7 today. I’m rolling with my boy @kingjames for those cats that aren’t in their kids lives, it’s never to late. Don’t make money an issue do what you can, spend what time you do have! Your kids will always remember it! Happy Father’s Day!

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Father’s Day for Daddy

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God has blessed me with the best Dad in whole world .. I am so blessed to have a father in my corner who loves me unconditionally… Dad you are the most amazing father ever !!! You have been the best example for all of us. Your title reaches beyond just a father. You are overall a wonderful person. Thank you for allowing me to be me!!! Thank you for picking me up when I fall!! Thank you for always having open arms!! If my son becomes half the man you are today I’m a lucky girl!!! I love you so much !!! Happy Fathers Day!!! You deserve the best out of life! @revwon

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“These parks belong to all of us. This planet belongs to all of us. It’s the only one we’ve got.” —President Obama today in @YosemiteNPS. Before his speech, the President and First Lady @MichelleObama met with a group of fourth graders visiting Yosemite. Go to to learn how President Obama is giving free passes to every fourth grader in the country to visit our national treasures. #ActOnClimate #EveryKidInAPark #FindYourPark

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Happy Father’s Day to the most perfect man Luna and I could ever ask for. Since the day she was born, you’ve done every bottle with me, woken up with me to keep me company through every night. You don’t mind diapers, get all the best burps, and read her Goodnight Moon like poetry. It makes me so happy to see so much of you in her smile and eyes that completely glow when looking at you. She will never look at anyone – anyone – the way she looks at you. Happy Father’s Day to your father, Ron. John is the amazing father he is because of you and Phyllis. You created and raised a man we are all so lucky to love. We love you, Johnny, endlessly, forever and ever to the Luna and back. Happy Father’s Day from Luna and I, and thank you to game 7 for providing the real gift here and getting me out of having to plan and overthink the day phew

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Happy Father’s Day!!!!! We love you Kob-Kob! Love, Nani, Gigi and VB

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This day was made especially for you my love! Thank You for being a great example for our son! And showing me what a A REAL DAD/Fatherhood looks like, you are the exception. Titan and I are so blessed! On this day we celebrate you! We love you! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

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Happy Father’s Day baby @lancegross!! As much joy as Berkeley brings you…I have just as much watching you with her. You are and continue to be the BEST dad. I love you baby 🙂

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Fathers Day Turn Up with my “Rib”…..Enjoy ur day fellas, celebrate today damn it…Take pride in …read more

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