#Roommates, let’s be honest it’s pretty expensive out here when you’re trying to eat healthy. Well, twenty-one-year old Francesca “Sol” Chaney opened up her own vegan spot to provide healthy convienent food options for everyone.

According to LiveKindly, Chaney used to work three jobs and could relate to the struggles many of us face when trying to figure out what to eat.

As a full-time student, Chaney started making her own smoothies for on the go, and she noticed that her plant based drinks were getting her through her long demanding days. “I was feeling more energized and lighter,” she claimed.

Chaney started making smoothies for friends and family, and three years later sis got her coins together and Sol Sips was open for business.


“The menu offers cafe staples, such as vegan omelets, soups, wraps, and juices. On weekends, brunch is served on a sliding scale menu, where anyone can purchase a complete vegan meal (including a beverage) for $7-$15.”

“My mission is to help close the accessibility gap in wellness,” she said.

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