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It’s the battle of the R&B chicks. Coko from SWV started retweeting shady tweets from fans during K. Michelle’s 2015 BET Awards performance. And K wasn’t feelin’ it! So, she popped off! Now, Coko is speaking out about the ordeal to Find out the latest updates, plus some some shade John Legend is serving inside….

One of the highlights from the 2015 BET Awards was when Patti LaBelle surprised us with a performance. The legendary icon joined R&B singers Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle (who squashed their ongoing beef) to sing her classic, “If Only You Knew.”

While we were all wrapped up in Ms. LaBelle’s vocals, Coko from SWV was busy retweeting a few shade-filled tweets from her followers. Fans started tweeting/petitioning that Coko should have been on the stage singing alongside Patti rather than K or Tamar. Why? Because SWV did a remake of “If Only You Knew” on their 2012 comeback album I Missed Us. Many of SWV’s fans felt like Coko and co. did the song more justice than Tamar & K. Michelle.

Below are a few tweets she shared:

No stranger to Internet beef, the “Love ‘Em All” songstress hopped on Twitter to shade the hell out of Coko in response to her retweets. In so many words, she was on the stage while Coko was sitting on the couch! She tweeted:

Bloop! (That ‘chopped teeth’ comment irony wasn’t lost on us, though.)

Coko doesn’t seem bothered though. She never directly responded to K via social media, but she did say this:

And followed up on her Facebook page saying:

All I can do is laugh!!!!
Chopped up teeth & all!
‪#‎SWV‬ ‪#‎MultiPlatinum‬ ‪#‎GrammyNominated‬ ‪#‎23yearsInTheBusiness‬ ‪#‎Longevity‬ ‪#‎StillGoingStrong‬ ‪#‎BronxChic‬ reached out to Coko and she released an official statement regarding the incident saying:

“I’m unbothered by the teeth comment. Over 20 million records sold worldwide…23 years in the game & still touring…I’m good!”

And Coko’s groupmate LeLee Lyons went in about it all on her own page saying:

It really amazes me the things people say about us in blogs. I’ve heard it all: we washed up, no hits, etc. Let me just say this, our “one” song weak sold more as a single than most artists whole entire album–and we are very proud of that accomplishment. I don’t have to name the “hits” because you have them or your favorite artists sing them at their shows. What’s new to everybody is old for us and it’s called—history. Nobody can take that away from us. It’s sad you can’t even be a fan and true supporter without the bullshit. These artists today have a good lil run and wanna shade US? FOH, I’m so sick of people feeding into this internet keyboard gangster shit. And our community suck this bs up with comments and nonsense. A group like the Rolling Stones can tour as long as they have and be hero’s, but a black female group gets washed up smh.If you like us, support us, if you don’t, like somebody else. Ain’t nobody throw them hands yet, until then, we’ll see you at the next show. ‪#‎sickofthebs‬

Welp…there’s that.

In case you missed it, check out K. Michelle, Tamar and Patti LaBelle’s performance HERE.

In more BET Awards shade….

Oscar winner John Legend skipped out on this year’s BET Awards…but he was definitely near a television to check out the show. After viewing the show, the “Glory” singer had a few words for those that performed. And they weren’t praise-worthy.

He hopped on Twitter and tweeted (above), “There’s so much I wish I could say when I watch these shows. A lot of it has to do with singers’ off and on relationships with the key.”

Yikes! While he didn’t say any names, we have our thoughts on who he may have been talking about. Who do you think this tweet was for?

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