Now days rappers must do other things outside of music to remain paid. Got’sta keep the hustle going. So, 2 Chainz is now the host of “GQ’s Most Expensivest Shit.”


During one episode, he got to test out one of the most priciest toothbrushes in the world, the Reinast luxury toothbrush. It costs a whopping $5,000.

“Five thousand motherf***in’ dollars…for a toothbrush?!” 2 Chainz said after he used it. Then he went to the dentist to see if the titanium design and patented antibacterial coating are really worth it.

Peep the clip:

2 Chainz, who brushes twice a day and flosses, received his very own brush with his name on it. Watch the clip of 2 Chainz brushing with the expensive toothbrush below.

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