Rapper and ex-felon 2 Chainz has teamed up with the Respect My Vote!  2 Chainz got a little political on us last night on T.J. Holmes’ new BET show, Don’t Sleep.

Chainz, talks on why he thinks felons deserve a second chance when it comes to voting. He also talks about the “Respect My Vote” campaign, and using his star power as a platform to reach out to people and inform them on these topics.

Chainz also said “I just feel like everyone deserves a second chance, depending on the crime of course. Being that I was fifteen I feel like I wasn’t mature enough, I feel like I could have succumb to some kind of peer pressure.

Back in 2008, when President Barack Obama was first running for office. 2 Chainz was approached by a volunteer that revealed there is a way for him to be reinstated as a voter, and now he wants to get the word out. “I just feel like everyone deserves a second chance,” he said.

“She just introduced this idea and gave me a pamphlet and research on how I can be reinstated,” the rapper said of the volunteer, “how I can be counted again.”

Shortly after that, 2 Chainz was among Americans that headed to the polls to cast his ballot.  Even though he was in his thirties, it was the first time that he’d ever voted in a presidential election. He recognizes that had he never run into that one volunteer, he’d still believe that his voice doesn’t count. Now he feels its his duty to do the same for others in similar positions through the Respect My Vote campaign.

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