I dare you to walk 10 blocks around Manhattan, Los Angeles, or any major city in Italy for that matter without at least a few Fendi logo sightings. Trust me, it won’t happen because the brand has majorly won over cool girls everywhere. I, too, love the brand (my little Fendi card case has all but taken the place of my everyday wallet), but the latest collection has my interest piqued well beyond accessories.

At first I thought it was because Kaia Gerber is featured in the campaign (I’m a major style stalker of hers). Yes, she makes everything look 100% awesome, but I’ll admit that I’ve apparently been sleeping on Fendi’s ready-to-wear. The classic pieces are infused with modern, utilitarian elements that are just the type of thing that will be trendy now and timeless much later. I’m geeking out on these 17 things from Fendi in particular.

Fendi Blue Cotton Jeans ($850)

These baggy belted jeans definitely warrant a head turn or two (hope you’re cool with that).

Fendi Brown Cotton Jersey Bomber ($3690)

Taking the Fendi logo obsession to my outerwear because why not?

Fendi White Leather Belt ($1490)

Perfect for making literally any outfit immediately cooler.

Fendi Havana FF Sunglasses ($380)

Oversize sunnies are always my best friend on weekends when I look as tired as I am. (But apparently people thinks it’s weird when I refuse to take them off at brunch?)

Fendi PU Jacket ($2590)

You’d be hard-pressed to find a chicer see-through jacket than this one. I love the idea of wearing this OTT piece with a super-casual white tee, relaxed denim, and sneakers.

Fendi Kan I Small Bag ($2490)

The juxtaposition between the more utilitarian style link chain and the softer perforated motif fabric here is so, so good.

Fendi Mutlicolor Technical Mesh Sneakers ($790)

There’s a lot going on with these Dad sneakers, which is precisely why I can’t stop thinking about them.

Fendi Brown Cotton Jersey Pants ($950)

My friend found a pair of vintage Fendi logo print pants last year, and I’ve been super envious—until I saw these.

Fendi Mon Tressor Bag ($1790)

Planning my next sunny vacation ASAP just to show off this bucket bag beauty.

Fendi Peekaboo Pocket Bag ($5100)

The Peekaboo bag now features these compartments for literally anything you’d ever want to put in your handbag. For me, that means my phone and snacks.

Fendi Crystals Earring ($350)

I’ve already Slacked this oversize ear crawler to fellow WWW fashion editor Lauren, who refuses to get her ears pierced for reasons I will never understand.

Fendi Blue Cotton Jacket ($1980)

I love this denim blazer jacket so much and not just because those pockets are definitely large enough for me to carry anything that doesn’t fit in my mini-est mini bag.

Fendi Baguette Bag ($2690)

Speaking of bags, I’d bet a year’s rent that this chic Baguette bag will never go out of style.

Fendi Defender Polka Dot Sunglasses ($500)

The only tiny frame sunglasses I care about until further notice.

Fendi White Cotton Dress ($2390)

If I ever get invited to one of those cool summer parties in the Hamptons with an all-white dress code, expect to see me in this.

Fendi Pockets Belt Bag ($1290)

Bum bags are already so convenient, but please refer to slides 10 and 11 for a reminder on why I love that this one has extra pockets.

Fendi Choker With Flowers ($1190)

The only jewelry I’ll be wearing at every spring and summer wedding.

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