A 13-year-old Washington boy tried to do the Dew,and drink Mountain Dew,  but ended up with a mouthful of whiskey instead. His parents say the bottle was sealed and looked legit.

“Except for the color it looks like a fully functional Mountain Dew,” said Marie Grant, mother.
Marcus Olson immediately spit it out.
“It tasted a little bitter. It didn’t taste like Mountain Dew at all,” he said. The bottle was sealed when the teen bought it, and the whiskey inside was carbonated “like a fully functional Mountain Dew,” Grant said.She contacted the Safeway store where it was purchased, as well as PepsiCo, which makes Mountain Dew. The store confirmed that none of its other bottles were tainted and passed the buck to Pepsi.

The family fears other bottles might end up in the wrong hands and go unnoticed. “And you have a staggering 8-year-old down the road,” said Grant.
The family plans to stop buying Mountain Dew.
“Especially for my 13-year-old,” said Grant.

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