I stumbled upon article today, Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Hard to Date A Black Woman’ by Matthew Lynch. So if you know me, then you know I clicked on it.  The article came from a documentary by Erik Gordon entitled ‘Why Do Black Men Date White Women’.  Lynch only listed 10 in his article, when Gordan featured 50 answers.

1. Black women make black men feel under-appreciated, unwarranted and irresponsible and regressive.
2. Black women are too aggressive and no longer patient in waiting on the pursuit of a man.
3. Black women are strong headed, too independent which presents great challenges in relationships.
4. Black women are masculine in that they are controlling and like to run the relationship.
5. Black women expect too much. They are gold diggers who will not look twice at a blue collar black man.
6. Black women are hot headed and have bad attitudes.
7. Black women stop caring about their appearance after a certain age.
8. Black women are not as sexually open as other races, especially in regards to oral sex.
9. Black women’s tolerance is far too low; they are no longer empathetic to the black man’s struggle in white America.
10. Black women do not cater to their men

I get really upset when I read stuff like this, it seems to me, that these black men forget that their mom/sister’s are black.

I know a FEW black men out there who want to date (and marry) black women.


What are your thoughts?



Source blackstate.com

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  1. It doesn't matter if the women are black or of any other ethnic background. I'm currently with a Chinese girl. Either she was a black woman in her past life, or women from all different ethnicities share common traits – I'm referring to the (right?). I didn't date the girl I am dating because she wasn't black, it was because she happened to be the type of girl I was looking for and as I imagine that I was the type of guy she was looking for.

    Get over black men not dating black women ~> black women go date some other race, black men do that same. That goes for the rest of the world. Go date the person that makes you happy.

  2. You can't let the bad apples ruin your love of apples. For every bad experience I've had with Black women there's been a good to counter it. Also woman being the other half of man they reflect back what we give them. They tend to be aggressive because the average thug is cartoonishly over masculine. The oral thing I can't speak to. Never had a problem with it. Some do some don't, I suppose. I find it's lick and get licked ;o) To the comment about Black women not know the Black man's struggle I say they get the same crap that we get plus crap from us. Also what class of woman are we talking about here? Not all sisters are the same. And based on the brothers not acting right some of the better sisters are going for White guys. It's a sad day when we can't relate to each other.

  3. No Comment, let every man go for their hearth desire in any difference races.

    Because our first mother EVE nobody can identified maybe she's white or black,

    despite that Adam give her true love she still…………………….go and read more about it from Genesis

  4. Ffirst pf all everything they named is also present in a white woman.. and they are sadly mistaken if they think the white woman knows and understands their struggles… gold diggers.. pulease , white women wrote the book on golddiggin and what do white women have to struggle about.. hell , they have had everything handed to them on a silver platter! Black men should be the first to understand that!! And that oral sex thing is ridiculous… good black women care about their health and dont drop to theor knees at the drop of a hat…white women are just plain skankier and nastier… they do that to any man black women have their pride and will be nice to their own man not any man.. if thats makes them hate me as a black woman .. hen run on over there and see how you end up!

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