• Fashion choices that age you

    Flick through the gallery to find out the 10 ways you are making yourself look unnecessarily older!

  • Mini skirts and plunging necklines

    Contrary to what one might think, dressing too young will not rejuvenate your silhouette. Quite the opposite! Past you forties, it is better to avoid skirts that fall above the knee, and necklines that are too revealing, or clothes that are too tight-fitting and small.

  • Eyeglass frames that are too thin

    At twenty, secretary glasses are sexy. At fifty, they are much less so! To modernise your look, adopt thick and rounded frames rather than rectangular models with thin wire-like frames.

  • Sticking with pre-tailored sets

    Perhaps you’ve been wearing matching blazers and trousers to work. It’s time to modernise your look by mixing and matching some casual and contemporary pieces together. If you really want to wear the set, at least choose a colour that is more cheerful than black!

  • Too much black

    Black is a slimming colour, true. However, it is also the colour of mourning, so once you are a certain age, it is better to avoid the all-black ensemble. Dark colours such as navy blue, burgundy, or even bottle green will brighten your look a little. And if you only like black clothes, at least brighten up your form with a colourful statement piece (like a purse of a pair of shoes) to perk up your outfit.

  • Floral prints

    Again, past a certain age, it is better to avoid blooming patterns, especially if the colours are pale and reminiscent of your grandma’s wallpaper and favourite purse.

  • Oversized clothing

    The baggy, oversized look is trendy, but not for everyone! Loose clothing tends to suffocate and weigh down your silhouette, so it is better to avoid them when you reach your forties. To emphasise your figure and modernise your look, it is advisable to bet on structured pieces such as a dress tightened at the waist, or a belted jacket.

  • Block heels

    On the matter of shoes, pay attention to your heels. Heels that are too thick and low will lead to a stocky silhouette. To lengthen and stretch your legs, choose thin heels of 8 or 10cm. Above all, forget square tips!

  • “Fashion” jewellery

    At twenty, big golden cuffs, cocktail rings, and OTT neck pieces can still be stylish if you choose them well. Once you reach thirty, you might just end up looking like you’ve clad yourself in cheap costume jewellery. Pick fine jewellery rather than big and bold party pieces

  • Bras that are the wrong size

    Whether you are twenty-five or fifty, it is paramount to choose a bra that fits you well! In addition to being uncomfortable, the wrong bra will not be able to support your cleavage.

  • Vintage or heirloom pieces

    Unless you really are trying to cultivate your retro-vintage look, silk squares, rhinestone brooches, hair combs, and flesh-coloured stockings are banned from the wardrobe!

When you go past a certain age, there are cuts, colours, and even accessories you should avoid. From the length of your skirt to the prints that you choose, there are so many factors that could impact on your appearance.

We’ve curated a list of 10 style mistakes women in their 30s, 40s and 50s are making. Head up to the gallery to find out what they are, and then quickly make the necessary changes! (Oh, that is unless you are happy to compete with your grandma?)

Laura Gabrieli & Angela Goh

Photos: Getty Images

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